Wonder Women



The Amazon has  beguiled men (and women) for millenia…  

Ancient Greeks

Baroque Artists

Mid-20th Century Americana

In one way or another, popular culture(s) has always channeled its admiration for the Amazon, these truly “wonderful women,” in an disparate array of forms- a Wonder Women in their own image, a moral and aesthetic paragon of a specific time, place, and people.

The Amazon of Ancient Greece, in her solemn man’s tunic (as depicted on pottery and statuary), was beautiful, but did not emit the obvious sexuality of her later incarnations. Her attractiveness was rather more subtle- following the sacred geometry and physiological ratios commonly revered in Classical art.

Thousands of years separate the Amazon of Hellenistic myth from the Wonder Woman of DC Comics. And although she retains her mythic ferocity in battle, the 20th century brought undoubtable modern “Americanizations” to Diana the Amazon.

Abandoning the simplicity of her man’s tunic, she dons a red, white, and blue bustier, complete with stars, (certainly to appeal to her growing American audience). Her “all American” sex appeal would culminate in Linda Carter’s skin tight body suit, less a form of body armor than a form of American flag lingerie.

In 2017’s Wonder Woman film, Gal Gadot as Diana of the Amazons straddles the world of solemn myth. She is all powerful warrior, beautiful heroine, and 21st century feminist rallying point, all in one-no easy feat, but one she attempts admirably.

However, it is film director, Patty Jenkins, more so than any fictional character, who emerges in 2017 an Amazon. Garnering over $100 million dollars in its first weekend alone, Patty Jenkins now holds the record for the biggest US opening by a female director …ever. Gal Gadot is an admirable Diana, but Patty Jenkins is the 21st century wonder woman we have been asking for.


Gif by PL4Design


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